Putting my stake in the ground


“There has never been a better time in history for creation.
On the other hand, it has never been harder to get noticed.”

If you are just starting with whatever you want to achieve you are almost in the same boat as the ones already there.

Blogging, micro-blogging, Youtube-ing, Live streaming, producing videos. All these platforms offer something that was reserved for the “big media” ten years ago.

It’s as if the existence of these platforms are compelling you to use them. The really good ones have a great user experience at the core of their product. They are so convenient that their reach is only limited by your abilities and a bit of luck.

Just think in terms of what you want say to your audience hopefully using your unique style and work your way from there.

That part is easy, recognising the opportunities you have at your disposal. The other half of the coin is up to your “Talent stack™“. Yes, I’ve been following Dilbert’s creator all over the place.

It is hard, tedious to get the ball rolling and to make your business, idea, pain out there in front of people that might benefit from what you have to say.

And that’s why I’m doing it: There is a need and it’s hard. Hard in a rewarding way.

What am I doing about the need?
Building my company’s story on Instagram, writing a blog post a day here and creating professional articles on my company blog and preparing a “YouTube” channel for the e-commerce market.

I’m putting my stake in the ground.